New Canvas “Aura Borealis”


“Aura Borealis”

Ocean Prayers of a North-West Goddess

15 x 50

Acrylic on Red Cedar Panel

The StoryAura Borealis

 This cedar panel was originally dreamt up for the “Women of the West Coast” themed heritage week this year. A celebration of the divine feminine energy that guides and nurtures us in every aspect of life. It’s a force that has been suppressed throughout our known history, but I truly believe that this cycle is ending. I’ve had my own run ins with these wild, fiery feminine forces of re-birth and new beginnings this past year. These forces are rising in us all if we choose to feel and listen, and this empowerment fills me with a lot of hope for Mother Earths future.

In this painting, the North-West goddess is clad in a wet suit made of the heavens, praying for the perfect groundswell the hit our Island and cleanse our souls. The wolf represents her soul, a union of earth and sky, body and spirit. An animal that embodies freedom, ferocity, connectedness, love and timeless protection of our traditional territory. The full moon symbolizes the woman’s third eye, open, seeing, and full of wisdom. The monthly lunar cycles of fertility shape her life and the wolf spirit is celebrating this deep cosmic union with it’s howl. The Aurora Borealis signifies her “Aura”, the layers of life energy that control every aspect of her being. In meditation, she is mixing the light and love of the entire universe with the earth’s grounding energy, found in the snow-capped peaks and old growth forests of Vancouver Island.