Winter Artisan Fairs 2019

Hi Villagers! Hope this finds you healthy and rested, as the days get colder and the campfires and coastal cabins draw us back in. Excited to be a part of the Fiesta Global Craft Bazaar in Courtenay on November 16th-17th and in Campbell River on December 7th again this season. I’ll also be Vending at the Cumberland Winter Faire at the Museum on November 23rd-24th. I’ve decided to donate 10% of all my sales to Project Watershed this year. They’ve been working really hard to raise funds to restore the Courtenay estuary back to it’s former glory. Much Love this Winter Season!74342665_2781560275228122_3584797704896643072_o.jpg

November 16th-17th Courtenay Fiesta World Craft Bazaar

November 23-24th Cumberland Winter Faire

Cumberland WinterFaire: November 23 and 24

December 7th Campbell River Fiesta World Craft Bazaar

Project Watershed:


New Giftshop/Gallery Space in Comox

Greetings Valley folk, really excited to partner up this spring with Lila Blair, the owner of the new Island Affair Giftshop located on Comox Avenue. She’s stocking a great selection of local West Coast artwork, pottery, clothing and kitchenware. I’ll be displaying a collection of originals and prints on canvas, fine art prints, greeting cards, magnets, posters and stickers. Hoping to keep a steady rotation going in the gallery space for the summer and fall, with some more product ideas coming this Winter. Swing by for a peak at #204 1797 Comox Ave.IMG_20190404_143030_330.jpg

Milano Coffee Gallery Show

Greetings Islanders, happy spring season! Hope this finds you well and rested as mother earth breathes love and life back into the world. Been busy framing some originals and prints for a new gallery show at Milano Coffee. It will be running from April to the end of June at their Comox Avenue location. Great coffee and a bright cozy gallery space have made it a beautiful Valley experience since they opened their doors 5 years ago. Swing by for a warm bevy 🙂

Greetings Islanders, hope this post finds you well and you’ve been riding all those winter storms to the fullest. This season I’ve got a variety of canvases on display at Blue Spruce Ice Cream Shop located across from the Cornerstone Tap House, on the corner of Cliffe Ave. and 5th Street. Great gallery space with a cozy atmosphere that has a hot lunch menu and unreal Ice Cream with vegan and gluten free options. Highly recommend a visit if you haven’t already dropped by, ice cream sandwiches are gold. Also have Fine Art Paper Prints, Greeting Cards, Magnets and Stickers for sale just around the corner at Blue Toque Sporting Goods. Much love and happy adventuring!




New Canvas “Aura Borealis”


“Aura Borealis”

Ocean Prayers of a North-West Goddess

15 x 50

Acrylic on Red Cedar Panel

The StoryAura Borealis

 This cedar panel was originally dreamt up for the “Women of the West Coast” themed heritage week this year. A celebration of the divine feminine energy that guides and nurtures us in every aspect of life. It’s a force that has been suppressed throughout our known history, but I truly believe that this cycle is ending. I’ve had my own run ins with these wild, fiery feminine forces of re-birth and new beginnings this past year. These forces are rising in us all if we choose to feel and listen, and this empowerment fills me with a lot of hope for Mother Earths future.

In this painting, the North-West goddess is clad in a wet suit made of the heavens, praying for the perfect groundswell the hit our Island and cleanse our souls. The wolf represents her soul, a union of earth and sky, body and spirit. An animal that embodies freedom, ferocity, connectedness, love and timeless protection of our traditional territory. The full moon symbolizes the woman’s third eye, open, seeing, and full of wisdom. The monthly lunar cycles of fertility shape her life and the wolf spirit is celebrating this deep cosmic union with it’s howl. The Aurora Borealis signifies her “Aura”, the layers of life energy that control every aspect of her being. In meditation, she is mixing the light and love of the entire universe with the earth’s grounding energy, found in the snow-capped peaks and old growth forests of Vancouver Island.





Just locked this in thanks to Tofino Sea Kayak, in Tofino. Amazing heritage house overlooking Tofino Harbor with a Gallery, Bookstore and Coffee shop. Hope you all can make it down, if not the show will run till the start of December.

Art Opening Tofino Sea Kayak

Winter Craft Fairs 2017

Hope you all are flowing beautifully, feeling fresh, winding down and soaking up these beautiful autumn days to the max. It’s nearly that festive time of year again and I getting super stoked to be a part of the Fiesta Global Craft Bazaar in Courtenay on November 18th-19th and in Campbell River on December 2nd. I’ll also be Vending at the Cumberland Winter Faire at the Museum on November 25th. I’m going to donate 10% of all my sales to the Friends of Clayoquot Sound this year. They’ve been doing great work in protecting the coast from Fish Farms and Mining this year. Much Love!

November 18th-19th Courtenay Fiesta World Craft Bazaar

November 25th Cumberland Winter Faire

Campbell River Fiesta World Craft Bazaar

Friends of Clayoquot Sound


Tofino Artisan Market, Saturday 10-2

You can find me vending this summer and fall at the Tofino Artisan Market every Saturday, beautiful local crafts, food, coffee and live music in the park. Best way to get the weekend started 🙂IMG_20170715_154431_098.jpg

Nautical Days 2017! August 5-7th

So looking forward to vending at Nautical Days for the 4th year in a row. Going to be sharing a booth with Stump Works again and we’ll be displaying lots of salvaged wood furniture and custom frames. Will also have some new conks, framed originals and new prints. See you in the sun! Happy Summer sol creatures 🙂