Andrew Talbot grew up exploring and photographing the far corners of the island from an early age. Inspired by years of surf trips, hikes and kayaking along the west coast, his canvases offer a glimpse into the sacred places that connect us with nature and our inner beings. Each painting starts with an image and a vision and ends telling a story and capturing a feeling. A product of the thriving environment and culture that is Vancouver Island!

I paint, because it brings meaning to this mysterious existence. As conscious beings we are channels of this life energy, and through creativity, our souls reveal themselves. The forest is my temple, the ocean my medicine, and mother Gaia is my teacher. Drifting through this constantly changing light, I’m alone but always home in the oneness of this creation. Those vibrant colours at dusk and dawn, where ocean storms meet towering forests. Where every object is sculpted, twisted and shaped by rain, wind and waves. Everything connecting, pulsing, releasing and growing. It’s these places that really speak to me, inspire me and shape my life. By putting my art into this world I hope to show people a different way of seeing, of being and ultimately bring them closer to this universal truth.


Andrew Talbot is currently based in Tofino, B.C. for the warmer months, where he works as an Artist and Tree Planter along the coast. He spends his winters in Nelson B.C. and traveling to warmer waters. You can follow his last journey to Baja Mexico in the link below, which touches on the custom build, boondocking, and the dream of creating a unique interactive studio/living space to connect with and inspire others.